References have been found to cricket being played in Wollaton from the early 1800's. Lord Middleton allowed his agent, William Wright, to lay out the current ground in the early 1880's (then only 4.5 acres). A 99-year lease was obtained by William Wright, who later became Secretary, Treasurer and President of the Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.


His contacts with Nottinghamshire CC led to many of their players turning out at Wollaton when not on County duty. The club was a one man band, but on Wright's death, a committee was formed and the club was run on more communal lines.


After the Second World War there was pressure to sell the recreational area as building land. Negotiations with Lord Middleton culminated in a public meeting in 1949 to discuss raising funds. A discount of £600 was offered to save the ground and on 1st September 1949 the ground plus additional fields (6.5 acres in total) were purchased for £2052.


In 1951 the current square was prepared and first used and in 1952 the distinctive clubhouse was moved from the Co-op ground.








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